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Have You Ever Watched a Beehive?

It is fascinating seeing thousands of little bees working together to produce honey. As you come near the hive, you can hear an exciting buzz as they go about the many tasks necessary to keep the hive alive. The workers collect nectar and guard the hive. The younger bees keep the hive clean and in good condition. Some feed the little ones, process honey, and support in other household chores… There is never a dull moment in the life of a little honey bee…

There is something even more special about the whole Swarm… Actually, the Hebrew word in the Bible for God’s people is “Edah” (Ay-dah), it simply means “the Swarm” 1. This is much like the life we have here in our community! No matter what we do, we love to do it together. We live together, sharing all we have as common property2. We eat our meals together, we gather every day in a circle to sing and dance and give thanks for all things. There we hear the words of our Creator in His many teachings, and hear Him speak to us through one another3. These daily gatherings keep us increasing in our love for one another, guarding us from the selfishness and pride that would come in to separate us4. Our children are the precious fruit of our unity. We not only instruct them, but as true sons, they help build our abundant life as their own inheritance5. Our life is full of the warmth that comes from the sweet fellowship of friends speaking the truth to one another6. Only then is keeping the Sabbath together every week more than just a command, it’s a delight7! Each of us is here because we chose to leave behind our own separate lives to increase the life of this Swarm8

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